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Updated mp3 player  (2010-03-12)
We've updated our mp3 player. To try it out you just need to record something on you computer and upload the mp3 file to your audio page.
Upload Background Images  (2010-03-12)
You can now customise you profile page by uploading your own background image, or you can choose any color under the rainbow. The same controls are also available to create a different background for your photos.
Activity  (2010-03-12)
It's now easier to see what your contacts have been adding to billion7. Go ahead and view your activity page. It can also be accessed by clicking on the Activity link on your profile page.
Billion7 Blog  (2009-10-21)
Keep up-to-date with the latest news on our new blog. If you would to leave comment on any of our blog post, just sign in and click on the 'Comments' link.
Upload PDF and Other Documents  (2009-08-13)
Now that you can view PDF documents in many browsers it makes sense to upload documents and attach them to your profile. Click here to upload a document.
Upload and Share Videos  (2009-07-20)
Video has arrived to billion7. Uploading a video is one of the best ways to make an impact on the web, and get yourself noticed. Sign in, upload a video, and try out all of the video player options.
Photo Search Mode  (2009-06-05)
Now when you do a billion7 search you will be able to switch between seeing a row of button links or a row of photos. Click on the 'View Buttons' or 'View Photos' links at the top of the page to switch between the two modes.
Audio MP3 Player  (2009-05-22)
You can now upload and play mp3 files on billion7. Just sign in and follow the audio link on your profile page.
New Look  (2009-05-05)
Your profile page now has a fresh new look with rollover buttons and updated theme files. There's also a new yellow information box that appears when you move your mouse over profile buttons.
Quick Search  (2009-03-16)
If you skim your cursor over peoples lists of hobbies, interests and skills, you'll notice that some of these are now links. You can click on these links to quickly find people with similar interests. The same applies to bands, so for example, you can click on a bands genre, to find other bands with the same music genre. You can also click on location names to find people in the same area as you.
Bookmarks and Tags  (2009-03-09)
Everyone with profile buttons will now has a bookmarks link at the top of their profile page. This displays all of your profile buttons in an easy to read form. You can now add even more bookmark buttons. If you add tag names to your bookmarks a new menu will be created on the left of your bookmarks page with clickable tags. There's also a new bookmarks link on the main page to see the latest additions.
Add Some New Buttons  (2009-02-23)
We've redesigned how you can create and edit buttons for your profile page. It's a great time to add some new buttons and bookmark some of your favorite websites. Adding links to your own websites can increase traffic to your websites, and increase your Google ranking.
Photo Comments  (2009-01-08)
You can now add comments to other peoples photos. If someone comments on one of your photos you will receive an email notification. You can also control who can leave comments in your photo settings.
Create Your Own E-Card  (2008-12-04)
You can now use one of your own photos to make an e-card. Send a message with a difference by using a fun or fancy font. Try it out now. Upload a photo and then click on the 'Send E-Card' link on your, or anyone elses profile page. The emailed card image will have the same ICC color profile as your original photo ensuring that that the colors in your photo don't change.